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Natural gas market in Italy

The natural gas market in Italy (2004)

Natural gas consumption has grown rapidly in Italy in the past decade. Italy produced 0.5 Tcf of natural gas in 2004, while consuming 2.8 Tcf. An increase in the construction of combined-cycle, gas-fired turbines has driven the increase in natural gas consumption.

Italy’s natural gas imports supplied 84 percent of the country’s domestic consumption in 2004, versus 59 percent in 1985. The largest sources of these imports in 2004 were Algeria (38 percent), Russia (32 percent), and the Netherlands (14 percent).

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Investing in Egypt

Doing business in Egypt (dated)


Egypt is one of the most powerful forces in the Arab world, having a highly developed economical and social structure, and abundant sources of labour. It is facing some very difficult economical problems, largely resulting from the rapid increase in the population.

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